-Official Homepage Of Vellocet-

The alternative Band Vellocet was founded in 2010 as a project of Mauritz Nagels (vocals and guitar) and Roman Fischer (drums).
Through a common flow of the two artists a broad repertory of own songs was developed quickly. At this time it was mostly resided in Hardcore and Punk music.
Impulsivity and Agression flashed out of their veins and formed an antipode to the mainstreamed musical entertainment and society which they grew up with. As time passed the riffs became more subtle and the adaptions became more defined without losing the original energy.

In 2011 Joshua Schwarz joined the band as a bass guitar player and perfected the sound with his exceptional style of playing. The three of them influenced each other greatly and after a few rehearsals together they had enough songs for a complete Album. Frontman Mauritz came up with most of the ideas and riffs and together with Roman and Josh the songs were perfectly elaborated.
It was a done deal. Romans booking endavours proved to be very succesful. Vellocet rapidly reached a great network of fans, supporters and sponsors  with a bunch of concerts germanwide.

The first Album „A True Nightmare“ was released in 2015. The sound reflects the soul of the band. Raw and explosive with a slice of groove. Maximum authenticity of the recordings was their aim. They accepted occaisonal flaws to stress the character of life music during recording. This shaped a special flair and the album stands out against apparently perfect sound recordings.

A rush of wild emotions is set free during every performance, loving stage experiments and innovation.

Vellocet challenge themselves constantly.

At the moment they are in the studio recording their second album.

You should be curious!!


Mauritz Nagels...

...should be the nicest one.


He has cats sometimes.

Roman Fischer...

...hit the shit out of your head.


He had a cat.

Joshua Schwarz...

...pushes the bass in your veins


There was a time he got cats, but now he having none.